NASA probes Australian primary school after 'meteorite' crashes into the playground

Representatives from NASA recently had their eye on a remote school in Far North Queensland amid claims of a fallen meteorite on Monday.


However, the astronomy experts were left red-faced after the truth about the shock 'space landing' soon emerged.


Rather than a potential meteorite from beyond Earth's atmosphere, it turns out the object was in fact a primary school assignment.


'We have had all sorts of inquiries from all around the world,' Malanda State School principal Mark Allen told 7NEWS.


'Including (one) from NASA who asked us to make a report to the Kennedy Space Centre.'


A photo of the suspicious looking charred rock on the school grass spread rapidly on social media, with comments flying in via Facebook.


Once the suspicious object was confirmed as a school experiment interest soon diminished, with Mr Allen stating the exercise was 'a bit of fun' and it was 'great to see so much excitement in the air.'


Students had been tasked with 'reporting' on a 'meteorite landing' as part of the assignment, with many 'interviewing witnesses' and emergency services 'at the scene'.


Malanda State School later released a synopsis of the historic event on its Facebook page.


Local Daniel Moss, who was at the school for the unveiling of the 'meteorite', said police on site added to the memorable occasion.

'The local police loved to get involved for the school and the kids to make it more realistic,' he said. 

 'This is a small town, they didn't expect it (school project) to go viral.'

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