NASA announced the possible impact of an asteroid in 2022

NASA reported that on May 6, 2022, an asteroid could hit Earth. The rocky celestial body, 130 meters in diameter and considered by the agency as "potentially dangerous", was first detected in 2009. Specialists assured that the possible collision would cause an explosion equivalent to 230 kilotons of dynamite.

However, the possibility that the asteroid named 2009 JF1 will hit the planet is 1 in 3,800, which is equivalent to 0.026 percent according to the Palermo scale. On the other hand, experts indicated that its size is similar to that of the Great Pyramid of Giza, in Egypt, and could reach an impact speed of around 95 thousand kilometers per hour.


Within the European Space Agency's Near-Earth Object Risk List, the 2009 asteroid JF1 is considered the sixth most dangerous. Its size, speed, probability of impact and time remaining for an eventual collision, place it at the top of the list.


NASA will try to attack the asteroid to divert it from its path, since it represents a potential threat. To avoid the collision, the specialists will send a spacecraft like the DART, which will be used to slow the advance of the asteroid Dimorphos, 160 meters in diameter, which is considered one of the most dangerous today.



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