New vision of the universe: a physicist claims that time passes in two directions

The theoretical scientist Julián Barbour, author of the book “El punto Jano: a new theory of time”, proposes a new conception of time and is encouraged to question the classic narrative of the Big Bang. The expert proposes a two-sided universe, with a time that advances in two directions and which augurs a more hopeful end than the cold death predicted by some theories.


For his theory, Barbour sought a new look at the second law of thermodynamics, which states that a system always evolves towards a more chaotic state, but not the other way around. This law ensures that the entropy only increases, so it is concluded that time passes in a single course: it only advances in the direction in which the entropy increases.

However, Barbour believes that the arrow of time does not inevitably move towards full entropy, but rather that his forecast indicates that the universe is becoming more complex and more structured as it grows. The expert does not believe that time is traveling in a single direction towards an entropy that will turn everything into a group of particles indistinguishable from each other.


Instead, the scientist's vision projects an increasingly varied and dynamic universe, where there will be no lack of heat and energy to continue growing in all directions of time and space. Likewise, as his theory of time and space represents a resounding theoretical change from classical physical notions, Barbour believes that it is more important to have a change of attitude towards life.


Source: (Carlos Serrano)

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