Hubble just made everyone feel tiny with this incredible image

We all know that the Milky Way galaxy is a large place, but to put things into the right perspective of how big the universe is, we need to look at a recent image from Hubble.


NASA has released a brand new image taken by the Hubble Space Telescope, and according to NASA, what we are looking at in the above image is the galaxy cluster called ACO S 295. NASA says that the above image is a galactic menagerie, and it shows off a bunch of different galaxies of all shapes and sizes.


The galaxy cluster in the center is probably what catches your eye first, and here's why, "The galaxy cluster dominates the center of this image, both visually and physically. The cluster's huge mass has gravitationally lensed the light from background galaxies, distorting and smearing their shapes. In addition to providing astronomers with a natural magnifying glass with which to study distant galaxies, gravitational lensing has subtly framed the center of this image, producing a visually striking scene."


To put things into a bit more perspective, the Milky Way is home to anywhere between 100 and 400 billion stars. Orbiting those stars are planets, and the planets have moons orbiting them. Now, if you take all of the Milky Way's stars, planets, and moons and add them up, you will arrive at an enormously large number. Now take each of the galaxies you see in the image taken from Hubble, as they have their own stars, planets, and moons.


Once you have done that, you will quickly realize just how big galaxies are and essentially how big our universe is. Those thoughts certainly do make you feel small. 




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