NASA Just Released This Photo Of Heaven… It’s Closer Than You’d Expect And WAY More Beautiful

NASA is always taking pictures of the cosmos, but recently they’ve released a mind boggling photo that requires a special zoom tool to full appreciate it. This video takes you on a journey through about 100 billion stars, which is only an itty, bitty speck of space.


The photo is made up of 411 individual photos, and spans about 40,000 light years through space. If you were to download it to your computer it would be near the equivalent of downloading a fully fledged, 3 hour, high definition movie to your hard drive, since the photo is 4.3 gigabytes of hard drive space. Remember, it’s just a photograph. It’s currently the sharpest picture ever taken of the Andromeda galaxy, and if you wanted to show the whole thing on a screen, you’d need about 600 HD TV’s to fit the whole picture.


If you visit the you can enjoy zooming in and out of the photo without downloading it to your computer.


Set the video to full-screen and put some headphones on. This is a wild ride!


Source: Life Buzz & daveachuk

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