Photographer captures the exact moment Lightning strikes and erupting Volcano


Mother Nature is incredible. If you’ve lost touch with this fact, then perhaps you should take a moment to review a breathtaking photograph captured the exact moment lightning struck an erupting volcano. Beautiful doesn’t quite describe the scene…


55-year-old German photographer Martin Reitze captured a set of rare images of volcanic ash escaping from the Ebeko volcano in Russia. The photographer, who is from Munich, was standing about 1 km away from the crater of the volcano when it erupted.


“The strong lightning which shows in the image is a very rare exception, as it was much stronger than usual. It was strong enough to illuminate the whole sky with its bluish lighting,” said the volcano expert.


As GoodNewsNetwork reports, the adventurous artist spent approximately seven hours patiently waiting for an eruption to happen. He says he felt “extremely lucky” that he was able to capture the perfect shot.


“In a whole event when you are an avid volcano observer, it can take a decade to witness such a lightning event,” said Reitze.



“It is an unusually strong and rare volcanic lightning bolt generated by the eruption of the volcano,” he added. “It was a scary moment, unexpectedly the whole landscape was bright and when the lightning struck, it irritated my eyes.”


Reportedly, he has captured thousands of pictures of volcanic eruptions. This one was unique, however, due to the timing of the eruption and the lightning strike. “It shows that there are many wonders on this planet and how powerful nature really is,” says Reitze.


“This image is a result of being patient for over a year. I had to frequently visit volcanoes worldwide in often extremely remote places to finally witness something like this.”

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