World’s Largest Astronomy Museum Opens in Shanghai

The project includes 420,000 square feet of museum space, including a planetarium, general exhibition space, and an impressive solar telescope that measures 78 feet tall. Best of all, visitors experience the museum through a carefully considered progression that highlights each of the three forms of the museum.

First, visitors are welcomed into the oculus which is suspended above the main entrance. Sunlight enters through the oculus and gradually moves across the entry and the reflecting pool as the sun's position in the sky is tracked throughout the day. From the planetarium theater, visitors can look up at the futuristic sphere which resembles a planet floating in space. The sphere also acts as a dramatic icon for the center from afar. The sphere contrasts with the last element, an inverted dome that ends visitors’ journey through the museum and gives them a beautiful view of the sky above.

The new Shanghai Astronomy Museum is the largest of its kind in the world and its dynamic form is inspired by celestial bodies.

Ennead Architects

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