NASA confirms recent solar tsunami, blast from Sun on its way to Earth

NASA confirms solar tsunami's exist, and the Space Weather Prediction Center has warned a solar blast is on its way to Earth.

According to an announcement from the National National Weather Service's Space Weather Prediction Center (SWPC), a solar blast is on its way towards Earth.

The solar blast was caused by an eruption of the sunspot area 2859 on the Sun, which resulted in a coronal-magnetic-ejection (CME) and the triggering of a "solar tsunami". How can there be tsunami's on the Sun? Well, the tsunami that occurs on the Sun is not an ocean of water, it's instead an ocean of hot plasma and magnetism that can reach incredible heights of 62,000 miles and can travel at 560,000 mph.

The Space Weather Prediction Center has issued a G2 geomagnetic storm warning for 01, and 02 September, 2021 as two CMEs are headed towards Earth. The Prediction Center states, "Should these CMEs materialize, combined effects from the two transients have the potential to result in G1-G2 storm conditions. Forecast confidence is low, however, due to the nature of these faint and somewhat ambiguous CMEs."

It should be noted that these CMEs aren't fatal for Earth but can cause power outages and cause problems for satellites. 

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