Trillion-frames-per-second camera takes photos of light moving

Researchers have created a new camera that is capable of capturing a trillion-frames-per-second. Can capture the light movement.

Cameras are very complex pieces of technology, especially when you are talking about the ones on the higher-end or the ones that are used to shoot Hollywood blockbuster films.

While all of the cameras in all of the aforementioned categories are impressive in their own regard, researchers have created a new type of camera that blows all of them out of the water in terms of frames-per-second. Back in 2013, MIT researchers developed a camera that can photograph a trillion frames per second and demonstrated that they were able to watch how light moves throughout the air.

In the above video, you will be able to see packets of photons are being shot at a bottle. What is impressive about this is that the packets of photons are traveling at 600-million-miles-per-hour, or about a billionth of a second (from the light entering the bottle to hitting the other end).

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