Solar Storm from the Sun is fast-approaching Earth, will arrive very soon

Officials have warned that a coronal mass ejection (CME) from the Sun is on its way to hit Earth, and it will be here very soon.

Forecasters at the Space Weather Prediction Center have warned that Earth is going to be hit by a blast from the Sun very soon.

The Space Weather Prediction Center, along with the National Weather Service, rolled back the Geomagnetic Storm Watch they had in place for September 28 and September 29 but have dropped a new warning about October 1. According to reports, a sunspot called AR2871 erupted, causing two explosive blasts of particles to be shot out from the surface of the star.

Officials have cautioned that a G2-level geomagnetic storm is expected to hit Earth on Friday, October 1. This CME is minor, and as a result of that, its impact on Earth will also be minor. But what can a solar storm cause? Small solar storms such as this one may cause auroras in the sky, interruptions in communications, and satellite issues. Overall, this is a minor space weather event, but the Sun is about to enter the most dangerous part of its cycle. 

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