Hungarian physicists were able to find the fifth fundamental force

Physics has so far known four basic forces: gravity, electromagnetism, weak interaction, and strong interaction. Alongside these can now be lined up a new force that can help you understand how dark matter works.

In 2016, under the leadership of Attila Krasznahorkay, scientists at the Institute for Nuclear Research published a study in Physical Review Letters that showed a hitherto unknown force that was detected during the decay of the isotope beryllium-8. According to a study  by the same research team just awaiting publication , this force has been detected again, this time in helium atoms.

The force is assumed to be carried by a particle, which the team calls X17. If the discovery turns out to be true, then

not only can we better understand the basic mechanisms that move the Universe, but we can even solve the riddle of dark matter.

Energy conservation

The discovery was made by studying the decay of the radioactive isotope beryllium-8. The isotope then emits light, and when that light is strong enough, it is converted into electrons and positrons, which begin to repel each other at a predictable angle. And according to the law of conservation of energy, as the energy of the light produced by the particles increases, so should the angle between them. At least statistically.

However, Krasznahorkay and his team did not perceive this. Instead of the angle becoming statistically smaller for the particles as a whole, an inexplicable bounce was observed at 140 degrees, with plenty of positron and electron moving away from each other.

A new boson is born

Because the experiment was precise and extensive, the phenomenon cannot be explained by a measurement error or other similar condition. And the mystery brought fever to researchers around the world, who eventually suggested that a completely new particle was responsible for the anomaly explained above. An entirely new boson (an elementary particle that obeys Bose-Einstein statistics).

If this is true, then the Krasnahorkays have come across a very important thing.

Physics currently knows four basic forces, the attractive and repulsive effects of three of which are mediated by bosons, the so-called scale bosons. (By the way, it is assumed that this is the fourth force, even in the case of gravity, only the scale boss mediating it has not been detected yet). And due to its specific mass and short life cycle, the particle found in 2016 does not correspond to any of the bosons detected so far.

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Repetition of the boson father

The team used helium instead of beryllium in the latest experiment, and they still found the anomaly, this time at about 115 degrees. Although the report has not yet been adopted, if it does, it will provide further evidence of the existence of X17.

Of course, existing physical models are not usually disassembled or reassembled, so there is still a long way to go, but it is far from inconceivable that we will witness the birth of a new model that will provide answers to the hitherto unexplained characteristics of dark matter.

(source: sciencealert, futurism )

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