Bees Have Been Declared The Most Important Living Being On The Planet

The Earth Watch Institute has declared the #bees as the most valuable species in the world in the last debate of the Royal Geographical Society of London.


The direct benefits that for life and #Saludhumana represent the products made by bees are secret to anyone. But the reality is that we should not stop just thinking about the benefits it brings to our health but assess its most extensive function in the natural chain that is pollination without which life on the planet would definitely be impossible. The bee is the only insect that provides food to humans.

The #biodiversity is the process of interaction between living beings and the planet, the relationship between them, and of course, the biological response of the environment to the species.

In this process the bee has a vital function since the world agriculture depends on 70% of these insects, said more clearly 70 of every 100 products that we use to feed depend exclusively on the bees. The balance is self-explanatory: Without pollination plants could not reproduce and without plants the fauna would also disappear and consequently, humans.

Theories that explain his disappearance

One of the hypotheses that explains the massive disappearance of bees is mobile telephony. This definitive conclusion was affirmed by the Federal Institute of Technology of Switzerland after proving that the waves emitted during a conversation are capable of disorienting them to the point of death, losing their sense of direction and thus their life dynamics.

Through more than 83 experiments researcher and biologist Daniel Favre unequivocally demonstrated that in the presence of a cellular communication the bees produce a noise ten times greater than usual and this behavior is what they use to warn the group that it is urgent to leave the hive causing the CCD phenomenon or "colony collapse problem".

The other, of course, is the use of pesticides in crop spraying. These products contain chemicals that act as neurotoxins and attach themselves to insects by collecting the flowers. Later they are hauled to the beehives where they contaminate the rest of the products that they process in common like wax, propolis and different honeys with the fatal consequence of affecting the rest of the honeycomb including the queen bee without which the hive disappears unfailingly. Also when these massive migrations occur, the young or larvae are abandoned and logically they also disappear.

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