NASA's scientists have warned astronauts shouldn't masturbate in zero gravity

NASA says that astronauts who masturbate in space, can impregnate women very easily: strict guidelines over 'alone' time in space.

NASA has warned that male astronauts masturbating in space, is a major hazard: female astronauts could get impregnated like the sperm is a face hugger from Aliens.

This story became a thing from a discussion during Conan O'Brien and his "Needs A Friend" podcast, who was interviewing a NASA engineer when the topic came to the "strict guidelines" on "alone time" in zero gravity on the International Space Station.


During the interview, O'Brien asked the NASA engineer if porn was sent up, or I guess streamed on the International Space Station. The NASA engineer, who is only identified as "Smythe" said: "No, none of that".

O'Brien said: "Does porn work in zero gravity? It goes everywhere".

Smythe explained: "Three female astronauts can be impregnated by the same man on the same session... it finds its way".

NASA isn't a stranger to human sperm in space, where the US space agency sent frozen samples of human sperm to space for the research project "Micro-11". That was back in 2018, and we still don't know the effects of reproductive biology functions under the effects of microgravity... one small step for man, one giant load for mankind.


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