International Space Station(ISS)

International Space Station: -                 
              The International Space Station (ISS) is a complex of research laboratories in low Earth orbit for conducting unique scientific and technological investigations in microgravity environment. In fact if you want to see international space station closely than you might want to watch the film Gravity. It’s the largest body made by human beings in space. The ISS program is a joint project among five participating space agencies: NASA, Roskosmos, JAXA, ESA, and CSA. You can look about these space agencies on Wikipedia easily so I will not go in the detail about their space agencies. ISS has also completed its 15 years of launch. ISS is a Laboratory, observatory and a factory in space. ISS in future will help transportation, maintenance and will also act as a stage for future missions to Asteroids, Mars, and Moon

             The first ISS crew was launched in October 2000 and a series of international crews now permanently inhabit the Station. The ISS assembly period spans more than half a decade, with infrastructure and logistics deployed over multiple flights. Because of the program's complexity, the Space Station team has done extensive planning for operations of several different ISS vehicle configurations on-orbit.It’s a living place for scientists too. NASA is also experimenting how three dimensional living organisms responds to Weightlessness and to state of free fall. Medical research improves knowledge about the effects of long-term space exposure on the human body,  including muscle atrophy, bone loss, and fluid shift. Scientists are also testing microgravity effect on fluids which will allow to model the behavior of fluids better. So we can say that ISS is a satellite around earth which can help us understanding nature of exposure of space on living things. It also will help upcoming space missions to Mars and other places in our solar system.

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