These 25 Must-See Space Facts That Will Both TERRIFY And AMAZE You

Space, the final frontier. There is still very little that we actually understand about the vast universe that we live in. However, what we do know is that space is very clearly trying its best to kill us all. From deadly radiation to exploding super-stars, the galaxy is dangerous enough to make even the bravest (or craziest) astronauts think twice before deciding to exit our nice, protective atmosphere. Still, the human race is determined to go out and explore the cosmos, so just to make sure we know exactly what we're getting into, here are 25 Space Facts That Will Both Terrify And Amaze You.


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  6. Prepare to be awestruck and perhaps a little unnerved by these 25 mind-bending space facts! From the sheer vastness of the cosmos to the mysteries that lie beyond, these revelations are sure to ignite your curiosity and inspire wonder about the universe we inhabit

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