Existence Of Alien Life ‘Much More Likely Than Previously Thought’ – NASA Admin

In comments that will likely fuel ardent Ufologists worldwide, a senior NASA official has conceded that the existence of alien life is “much more likely to be out there than we thought before.”

Thomas Zurbuchen, an astrophysicist and associate administrator for NASA’s Science Mission Directorate, told Boston University he believes there is life beyond Earth for the simple reason that we once “doubted whether water or complex molecules would exist beyond Earth,” but in actuality “each one of those is much easier to achieve than we thought possible.”

“We find it right in front of our doorsteps, everywhere, including the polar craters of the planet Mercury,” he explained. “As for how that relates to the chain of life… well, life is much more likely to be out there than we thought before.”

Speaking about space tourism, Zurbuchen described it as a “really important experience to have” and claims it’s now “as easy to go to space as it is to go to Paris.”

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