Loyal Dog Jumps On Ambulance To Follow Owner To The Hospital


As this heart-warming storey illustrates, the bond between a dog and its owner is sacred.

One night, as Anderson Bahi was on his way home, he saw an extraordinary thing on the roadside.

Anderson, seeing an ambulance across the lane, noticed a worried dog waiting nearby, after his owner fell ill one evening while taking him out for a walk. The tiny dog sat quietly on the actual car where her owner was undergoing treatment with the paramedics attending the scene.


'When I saw an ambulance stopping on the other side of the road, I passed by in my car,' Anderson told The Dodo.

The puppy, of course, insisted on being brought along to be on the side of her trainer, and luckily the paramedics agreed. It's not like they could have just left the poor thing on the roadside abandoned, is it?

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