Man Invents Heat Retaining Shelters For Homeless To Keep Them From Freezing To Death During Winters


Small, heat-retaining shelters were built by a French engineer to be used by the homeless during winter.


If your festive spirit is awakened by the arrival of winter and reminds you of holidays, Christmas, presents, decorations, cookies, and relatives, you are a truly lucky person.


Sadly, for others, winter can be a total nightmare. In a safe and warm place, many people cannot spend their nights and shield themselves from the biting cold.


Therefore, for those freezing out on the streets, a French engineer wanted to do something!


The Iglou is the invention of Geoffrey De Reynal, a holder of an M.Eng in Energy Engineering.


His lightweight, heat-retaining, and portable shelters can protect individuals from outdoor hazards and cold weather. The initial variables that Reynal had in mind while designing the project were warmth and heat retention.


After completing it, in the streets of Bordeaux and Paris, where the low temperatures can often dip to life-threatening levels, Reynal handed out the first package to the homeless.


Although the Iglous are very small and can only accommodate two individuals at once, they are constructed on the outside of layered polyethylene and on the inside of aluminium foil. They keep the temperature inside the dome about 15 percent higher (or 60oF higher) than outside, being synthetic insulators.

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